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Hey, my name is Alexa

Welcome to my blog. I’ll be writing on a wide range of topics from makeup to politics. I’m a young mom from eastern Canada and I hope you enjoy my blogs.

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Purchase of the day : Kamik Grandslam toddler winter boots

It’s that time of the year in Canada. After the September school rush, after Thanksgiving. The time of the year when we gear up for the winter season. We put our winter tires on the car and fill our oil tanks. We start dreaming about Christmas.

For moms, winter also means new snowsuits and snow boots. Especially for mothers of toddlers, since they tend to grow out of last year’s gear. Here is my game plan every year, season after season for my toddler:

– Buy out of season: With toddlers, you know approximately what size they will be taking next season. For items I really like, I will try and buy them when the season is over. I won’t buy just anything, but things that are pricey and aren’t necessary I’ll buy out of season (end of winter, end of summer).

– Start looking for deals early: You know your toddler will need a good pair of boots and a high-quality winter suit. Start looking at the end of winter for next year if possible. I would buy if you find something nice, I wouldn’t settle for something just because it’s cheap. You risk not liking it in six months time when all the new winter stock comes out in stores.

I think snowsuits especially, can be bought at the end of winter for the next winter season. Snow boots don’t seem to come down much in price. For this winter season, I bought my toddler a pair of Kamik boots from Sears. They are now half price so I got them for 49.99. I didn’t know which ones to chose but after looking on the Kamik site, these seem to be the warmest ones. I needed something for extreme cold weather since the temperatures can reach minus 40 where I live. These also seem like they would be very good for snowmobiling or any other outdoor sport. I will post a review on them once Charles (my toddler) has worn them. I think it’s so hard to get some info on warm boots for toddlers since they can’t communicate effectively if their feet are cold or not so I thought this post was important for mothers who are looking for a good pair of winter boots at a decent price. The Sears website is having a good sale on snow boots at the moment so this is the time to check that out before the snow arrives! The shipping was also very fast: I ordered Saturday night and got them this morning. Bonus : they are made in Canada.

Happy shopping !